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Just a simple question

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Hi wfuhdehr, welcome to the forum.

Since you are asking such question in a2-Free section I presume that you are not talking about the prevention.

For that you need other layers of security.

I will just mention that a2 Anti-Malware Suite has Surf Protection feature based on hpHosts. That is one of the prevention methods.

So, if you don't have that layer managed separately you are more vulnerable

There are other ways and methods and that is out of scope of discussions in this section (that could be long list and actually there is never 100% guaranty anyway).

As for detection meaning post factum (scanning) and cleaning - the answer cannon be given unambiguously.

Thing is that there are certain well known files and registry entries that are affected.

You can find them (ironically :) ) by Googling “what is Google Redirect Virus”

Those, I am sure will be flagged. Only developers can confirm that, though.

The problem is that usually the implications are more severe because in most cases the resulting infection will not come alone by just introducing basic BHO hijacking, but rather bring other nasties along, say fake security and alike and those are different.

All depends on your surfing/clicking habits and having/ not having additional layers of security, using important system components that are not updated regarding security holes (currently known)... and so on

My regards

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