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I recently installed OA Premiun (V7.0.0.1866) on a new (i.e, replacement) computer running Windows 7 PRO SP1 64bit.  The installation "Wizard" reported it was sucessful.  I "ticked" the "Re-start your computer now" box and clicked "Finish".  Windows closed and re-started.   An OA "Welcome" window opened, I entered my license key and clicked "next".  Then a strange thing happened.  I got this ERROR notice:  "Check your internet connection or contact Support.  Socket error #11001.  Host not found."  


Sure enough, I no longer had an internet connection.  OA was listed in All Programs, but would not launch.  I assumed this was because, with out internet access, the license key could not be verified . After about week of unsuccessful trouble-shooting (and no internet access), I un-installed OA and re-gained fully functional internet access!   :huh: 


Is this just circumstantial? Or are there some incompatibility issues between OA and Windows 7??


Also, on this installation I included the option to install the "TLEM Network Service/Device Software".  (Apparantly this is not a digitally signed driver according to Windows 7.)  What is this "service", and could it have any connection with blocking my internet access??


At this point I am very hesitant to re-install OA.  It's a great disappointment because I have been extremely satisfied with OA since 

May 2011 -- it is a lot more than just a "firewall"!!   :unsure: 

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TLEM is the name of one of the drivers that Online Armor installs. It is required for Online Armor to capture network traffic.

I would believe that the first restart is supposed to wait until after you enter the license key. I'll ask one of our QA guys what he thinks.

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