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"Resolve addresses" does not work

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On the Online Armor Firewall Status screen when I check the box to "Resolve Addressess" is it still supposed to show my computer's ip address? Also,  I think there is another device logging on to my computer and the Firewall Status Screen is showing that other computer's information.  I use the LAN and when I unplug from the network, the Online Armor Firewall Status Screen shows that there are still connections.  I do not use wireless, so when I am unplugged there should not be any connections.

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Are you referring to the list of active connections, or the graph labeled 'Connections'? Programs can still open sockets and listen to ports even without an active network connection, so this could be what Online Armor is showing. Something like TCPView from Microsoft can help you find out more about the connections that each program has open.

Also, Online Armor always shows your IP address in the window title.

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