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I am using an HP 8600 Plus network printer and when Online Armor is enabled, I cannot print. The driver uses HP Re-Discovery Port Monitoring and it seems Online Armor is blocking it. However, there is nothing in OA's logs and I cannot find a setting to allow the printer. If I shutdown OA, printing works perfect.


I already have trusted the IP/MAC of the printer

I have tried installing the printer during learning mode (does not help)

I have tried printing during learning mode (does not help)


Please advise as what I should allow or trust to get this working.




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If you're using Online Armor in Advanced mode, try again in Standard mode. If it works in Standard mode, rules will be created and you can switch back to Advanced mode again.

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currently i working on the same issue with a german customer. Can you please provide a Online Armor firewall log? Please open Online Armor and go to the section Options tab Firewall. Enable the logging for all activities. Now please start the HP 8600 software and try to print or to scan a document. Then please attach the last Online Armor firewall log from the folder C:\Program Files x86\Online Armor\Logs\ to the topic or send it to [email protected]


Do you use a static IP address or a dynamic ip address for the printer? You are able to open the internal website interface for the printer in your web browser?

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