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Is there any way to stop the pop-up messages from OA


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The ones I'm referring to are OA program updates, misc. messages dealing with "topics" of interest to read, etc. . Or can I schedule these updates / misc. pop-ups to happen at a specific time ?  Right now,

they happen at 22:00 hrs and that is when I downloading data logged during the day and inputting the data to a spreadsheet. Quite often, it causes the computer to freeze for a second or two on each pop-up.



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Go to Options/General Tab/Show update notifications:


<<Allows you to configure whether Online Armor will display a notification when a program or signature update takes place>>


Also, go to Options/General Tab/Check for updates:


<<Allows you to change if or how often Online Armor will automatically check for updates. This includes both program updates and signature updates>>


More info here: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.shtml


Best Regards



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