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Emsisoft does not run on start-up, calls for registration key

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i am running Emsisoft Anti-Malware on 64-bit Windows 8. The only other security software I am running is whatever comes with Windows 8 by default.


I purchased a license for this product in November of last year and cannot find the email or remember how the registration key was delivered to me.


Today I had a blue screen when I first started my computer at the beginning of the day. I rebooted and everything seemed normal.


I just noticed that Emsisoft does not seem to be running, i.e., no taskbar icon.


However, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Service (32 bit) shows up as a background process in Task Manager.


When I manually start Emsisoft  (a2start.exe) I get what appears to be an installer screen asking me to choose a 30-day free trial or enter a license key.


I can't remember how I got my license key, who the email came from, or if I got it by email or what. I have a slew of emails from Emsisoft but none that have this key.


It doesn't seem like it should be asking for a license key at all, as I purchased this in November. 


What might be going on here?

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cleverbridge is the company that manages our online shopping cart and processes payments for us.

There has been a rare bug in Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 where it can lose its license key, and need to be reactivated. There is some indication that it may have to do with the settings file being corrupted.

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