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Wrong Online Analysis

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I have submitted for online analysis a "HiJackFree.log"(attached) to

The online results are:

1) "The analyzed logfile is a HiJackThis logfile. If you want to see an online analysis with more details please use a-squared HiJackFree instead."

"ToDo: Download and run a-squared HiJackFree"

That's wrong! I used HiJackFree to create that log.

2) "Your used operating system version: Windows XP - The current version of your operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 3"

"ToDo: Please update your operating system and install the latest service pack!"

That's wrong! I have XP Pro SP3 with all current windows updates.

What's wrong with a-squared HiJackFree that it is giving such totally wrong results?

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Hi waltko, welcome to this section of the forum too ;)

The answer to your duplicate question was given by ShadowPuterDude here

There is nothing wrong with HiJackFree, the online analysis does not diagnosis a system. It provides information on what was found. Information that unless you are highly familiar with the various Windows Operating Systems, you will never understand the output.

Also, we did not ask for the HJF online analysis

In addition you can read the following threads:

These discussions are from the old forum

My regards

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