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Any Video Converter has keylogger?

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I use Emsisoft Online Armor (EOA) free v, and when I use Any Video Converter (AVC), EOA tells me that AVC.exe wants to add a keylogger. 


I scanned AVC installer using VirusTotal and it comes up as being fine.


Is this a false positive or does AVC really have a keylogger of some sort?





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I have not used Any Video Converter, however I am fairly certain it is safe. What you are seeing is a generic warning about the way it handles keyboard input.

I would believe I already replied to you on our helpdesk (so you should have an e-mail from me), but for those who are curious I will post this here as well. For video conversion I generally recommend Avidemux. There is also Handbrake, which may be easier to use for some people but supports less formats. These tools will be free of the junkware that you often get with video and music converters that you find on download sites, and they do a fairly good job.

Here's a "Getting Started" guide for Avidemux, and here's a basic guide on using Handbrake.

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