Transfering License Issues

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Yes, you can transfer your license, and the process is fairly easy. On the old computer, you can open Online Armor, select Options from the menu on the left, go to the License tab, and then click the link to activate a new key. Simply select to use the free trial, and that will remove your Online Armor Premium key from that computer. After that, you can install Online Armor on your new computer, and you shouldn't have any trouble activating it with your license key. ;)

Is this still a valid procedure?


I've just acquired a new ultrabook and will be retiring my 6 year old slow as molasses notebook.  I have about 290 days left in my 1 user OA license.


I've tried the method above and all I get is a "Trial Period Expired" message.


I've also found this link from your support FAQ.


There does not seem to be a high degree of confidence in this method if the votes are considered.  I want my current 1 device license for OA releaed for use on the new ultrabook and I also have a 3 device license for your Anti-Malware which I want released for the new device.



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