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How do I uninstall?

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You must 1st go to phone settings-device administrator-deactivate emsisoft mobile security,go to settings-apps & uninstall or uninstall through google play


I had my phone lock up and crash, and had to do a hard reset. Now the app is still functioning, and stopping me from rooting my phone. I want to root it, to gain access to system memory, as when I did the system restore from back-up via Kies3, the app blocked part of the process, and I no longer have any of my sms data, which is needed for my business. To regain the data, I have to first root the phone.


The app is listed in google play, as installed, though it is no longer visible on my phone app list. I have no other security installed, but it is now blocking all attempts I make at rooting the phone.


Update: Managed to re-install the software. However, before I can alter the settings so that I can remove it completely, it blocks me from altering the config, and requires me to pay for a licence. I didn't buy a licence after the 30 day period, and instead deleted the software. Unfortunately, it seems that it's security config remains..

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Further to my last, please accept my apologies. Problem finally solved after 4 hours of continuous effort, and finally discovered that Mobile Security was only a small part of the problem, all of which is now sorted.


Could one of the moderators please remove this and my previous post, as they are really now not relevant..


Thanks in advance..


PS: Since my discovery, I've now paid for a licence!!

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