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EAM trial, installed yesterday, wants to install again

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Last night I downloaded the Internet Security trial, and ran the installer on a W8.1 x64 laptop.  The EAM part of the process seemed to go fine, including running a deep scan of my system.  Then the installer went on to the OA part of the process and got stalled because "the trial period had expired".    I asked here on the OA forum and was PMed a licence key, which I installed; OA looked fine.


The installer said a restart was needed so I let it do it.  When the desktop came up, OA was clearly functioning ok, but the EAM installer dialog popped up.  It's the dialog with four main sections shown at the top:


    "Update   Clean Computer   Prevent Infection   Finished"


and the solid blue progress indicator is at the lefthand side.    It's asking me if I want the 30-day trial or have a licence key... but I went through all this yesterday.  What's going on?

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Lets try deleting the 'a2settings' file from the Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder, and see if that helps. First, i recommend following the instructions at the link below to start your computer in Safe Mode With Networking:


Once your computer is running in Safe Mode With Networking, navigate to the Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder, which should be in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Once you have deleted the 'a2settings' file, then restart your computer normally, and then try launching Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on your desktop to enter your license information.

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OK, I've just done it, though I kept the 'deleted' .ini file in case anyone wants to look at it.  Whereas the first install on the 21st had me choose the 30-day trial, then say yes to anti-malware network, no to additional langauges, no to betas, 5 to update connections, yes to PUPs scan, then a Deep scan... what followed that was, I think, being told about Emsisoft Metro tiles & systray icons.  I was asked about installing the TLEM Network Service before the EAM config thing started and asked me for the 2nd time about the 30-day trial and complained about expiry.


Today was different; after moving th e.ini file and restarting the machine and running EAM from its desktop shortcut, I had to choose 30-day, join=yes, additional langusages=no, betas=no, connections=5 again, then it downloaded a host blocker blacklist, then asked about PUPs and ran my chosen scan (a Quick one).  But this time I was then asked about Guard settings, which I don't think I was asked the first time.  Then I was told about Metro tiles etc but wasn't asked about TLEM - maybe because it WAS installed last time?   Finally the EAM GUI tells me that the trial period will expire in 27 days - so despite the settings file being moved out of sight, it DOES know that the first install was several days ago.  It strkes me as odd that that's so, when it didn't know this a few days ago.


Time will tell if the idea of the install being fully done will stick.

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TLEM is an Online Armor driver (specifically the one used to filter network traffic, aka "OA Helper Driver").

The license information is retrieved off of our license servers, and then saved in the a2settings file. That's why it is showing the correct number of days this time. Deleting the file and allowing it to be recreated has forced Emsisoft Anti-Malware to redownload the trial license information to save in the a2settings file.

We're fairly certain that these issues have been fixed in version 9, but some people have let me know that the procedure of deleting the a2settings file seems to fix the issue for them. Interestingly enough, some people say it doesn't fix the issue, so it may have more than one cause.

As for that backup you made of the a2settings file, would it be possible for you to send it to me in a private message? I'm not sure if our developers would need it, but they may still want to look at it.

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