Extremely slow scans and failure to quarantine

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I have just downloaded Emsisoft Emergency Kit, and I must say I am disappointed, given the spec of my PC. I began the scan this morning at 6.30, came home at 11.45 and only 73% of the scan had completed. This was with all other security programs disabled. I had to stop the scan and quarantine the 21 listed miner threats, one of which was identified as high risk. However, it failed to quarantine all but one, without showing any indication of which one it was. I can only assume it was the high risk threat. However, that is only an assumption?


Very disappointed.

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Can you attach the log from the scan to a reply? It should be in the folder C:\EEK\Run\Reports

You can also see what was actually removed by looking in the quarantine.

As for the scan time, I assume you ran a Deep Scan? If you have a lot of hard drives, and especially if they have a lot of files on them, then the scan process can take some time. You can run a Custom Scan and remove any drives that you don't want it to scan in order to speed the scan time up.

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