a2service - purpose?

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win 7 x64



i'm not clear on exactly what a2service.exe is for - can someone explain?


i'm using a2cmd only, with the /s switch, because i'm interested in keeping the defs in memory for repetitive scans


while a2service seems to do this, i'd like that memory to be automatically freed after a2cmd is not run for a period of time and so far i haven't seen the mem usage drop (428 MB private bytes)


will the service free memory after time?

and what else does a2service do?


i see there's a huge list of functions in the exe, many of which appear to be useless for a2cmd, so i'm wondering if it's worth running at all for the commandline scanner ???

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When it is used, the service handles all of the functions related to scanning and removal (in addition to loading the database), and a2cmd just writes the output to the console.

The only way to unload the database from memory after having the service load it is to stop the service.

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