Google login problems & probable uninstall

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Purchased and have been using EMS for a month or so.  Just in the last few days the program says I have a login error and asks asks me repeatedly to sign in via my google account.  I do so.  It says I am all set.  I press the 'get started' button and it takes me back to the screen where it asks me to sign in to my google account again.  It is stuck in that loop for a few trys and then the icon that had appeared in my notification bar disappears and the problem goes away. The following day it does the same thing-- login error.


I thought maybe if I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled the error would disappear an things would go back to normal.  I went to uninstall it and it says I have to deactivate it first to uninstall.  I went to the application list and the deactivate button is greyed out.  Now I can't even get the program off my phone.


I apologize for not reading the 'before you post' instructions before I opened this form but I assume you want this info.  I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 from Verizon Wireless and am running version 1.0.8 of the Emsisoft Mobile product.  I need it to function properly or I need to know how to uninstall it.  The product is so new doing a search of the Internet to find these answers produces no usable results.  


Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

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