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EAM Downloading additional languages!

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This happened twice now on 2 diff. installations and I thought I should let you know..


On the initial setup screens, I enabled automatic update and unchecked the 2nd box which says download additional languages then hit NEXT


Now as the virus signatures are being downloaded, I can see in the progress screens languages are also being downloaded which I don't want and I specifically chose not to download additional languages! Examples are like Japanes and chinese. Please fix this


This was on Emsisoft Anti-Malware v8.1.0.40

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We'll investigate in that.


In general it must be said that language file downloads are just a few kilobytes and therefore not really relevant today. That's why we have removed this option in version 9 completely.

thank god!


I'm not concerned about the space, just wanted to notify you so we can perfect our beloved EAM :)

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