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Is Reboot Necessary?


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Hi Guys, I was one of those 'advocates' for the Emsisoft Internet Security suite; but, I've been happily using your Internet Security Pack for 2 years now. I was so happy to see the Beta release of EIS, I decided to join the other Beta users and try it out (and hopefully contribute some good input points). Anyway, I have the Beta Update box checked and I had the update frequency set to every hour; but every time it updates, it prompts me to reboot (saying it is necessary) to complete the update. Is it really necessary to reboot each time the EIS updates? If that is the case, I will just Update once or twice a day but I would prefer to do it hourly. By the way, I did a Total Scan some time after downloading EIS and it took 65 minutes to complete. To tell you the truth, I don't think it is 'too' long for a Full Scan. So far I think EIS is a fine Suite and I am sure when it is complete, you will have made it "second to none". Good job guys...keep up the great work for those of us in need out here!

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