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Disabling Windows' Own Firewall and AntiVirus


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Hey folks,


I'm wondering if the Emsisoft products require Windows Firewall or Defender to run. I'm currently trying to slim down Win 8.1 as much as possible and disable all the services I don't need.


Since I'm running Internet Security as my security solution, I don't really like the thought of having that "extra layer of protection" called Windows Defender (which includes MS-AV as of Win 8.1) and Firewall.


Specifically I'm looking those services:

  • Security Center
  • Windows Defender Service
  • Windows Defender Network Inspection Service
  • Windows Firewall

Is it save to disable them?



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We don't recommend disabling Windows/Microsoft services. It's always best to leave them at their default start types.

Emsisoft Internet Security does not require Windows Firewall or Windows Defender, but both of those should be turned off by Windows when Emsisoft Internet Security is registered with the Security Center.

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