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OA seems to be causing uTorrent to freeze

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For the last week I have been trying to track down what is causing uTorrent to freeze periodically. I have narrowed it down to Online Armor by leaving Task Manager open on my desktop at all times. Whenever uTorrent stops responding, there is a spike in activity by oasrv.exe, and as soon as that drops back down to zero, uTorrent starts responding again.


I have added the uTorrent program folder to the exclusions list, and added the port uTorrent uses - in and out, TCP and UDP - to the allowed ports list in OA Advanced mode.


Utorrent does not appear in the programs list or firewall list - I assume that this is because it has been excluded.


Is there anything more I can do to stop OA paying attention to uTorrent?


I run Windows 7 64 Home Premium, OA Premium

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I have been a paying subscriber to Online Armor for many years. I have gradually come to accept that, as with this question, I cannot hope for any meaningful technical support. I have finally been forced to uninstal Online Armor completely and replace it with a competitor, and all my problems have gone away. While I have been waiting in vain for technical support, I have had my first days of trouble-free torrenting in ages - without Online Armor on my computer. Given the absence of timely technical support, I doubt whether I will be renewing my subscription next time it becomes due.

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