Scan started as SYSTEM does not finish

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I am creating a very basic script to automate scans of the command line scanner. It's a batch file that calls a2cmd.exe with a few switches. I am scheduling it on a computer using the SYSTEM account, because there are multiple user profiles set up on this machine. The scan seems to start (I can see a2cmd in Task Manager) and it using upwards of about 120MB of RAM. But that's all that happens. Eventutally it will stop when the script timeout period is reached. I've set it as high as 6 hours.

It does not create a scan.log file as I have specified

It does not quarantine anything (and I am sure there must be something on that machines, cookies at least)

The SYSTEM account has full access to the a2cmd folder

Any ideas?

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Hi araphael, welcome to the forum

In addition to what H_D asked regarding posting (attaching) the batch file, please provide information about your system as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

There are few discussions in this new forum as well that may be helpful

and inside is there is a reference to

where you can find the way to get the report, since you asked

Please be more specific about the timeout. Why you are setting it?

Usually Command Line Scanner (CLS) can be left unattended to run overnight for example.

The scan can run even longer then 6 hours All depends on system /hard performance , number of files ; file types, etc..

Then when users are leaving the resident of their Antivirus active the scan can take 3 and more times longer than it should take.

There are reports posted into Malware Removal section that last 14 hours

Leaving the resident active is not recommended since in addition the conflicts may occur (could be the reason of the hanging you described)

Another reason could be use of quarantine. I would never run the scan with setting /q parameter blindly, you may remove something that not supposed to be removed.

Run without quarantining and analyze the report first

Finally, in regards to user accounts – both the a-squared (GUI) and the Command Line Scanner are running with elevated system rights anyway in order to be able protect/scan the whole system irrespectively from which account they were invoked

My regards

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Thanks for the update.

To your questions, I tried everything from running a deep scan to a smart scan to a simple memory scan, such as a2cmd.exe /m. There should be no reason this should not finish in let's say 6 hours.

As to the time out, we are using an automated tool that runs these scripts, so you can define a time out.

We are uing AVG, so this may be a problem. I will try to run this again on a system without AVG to see if it's any different.

I'll keep you updated.


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