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a2cmd - quarantined files

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I have tried searching but I have not found the answer on the forums.

I used a2cmd to search an infected hard drive. It quarantined several files. It did not clean the files - only quarantined them. How do I clean and restore those files?

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Hi kharward, welcome to the forum

First provide information about your system as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

Please be more specific about terminology.

What do you mean by "clean" / "quarantine" and then "clean and restore"?

Quarantine is temporary but physical removal of the suspects from their location, so that is basically "cleaning"

By restoring you are releasing suspects from the jail either because the flaggings were False Positive ("not quilty") or for further investigation, etc.

As for additional info you were searching for - the recent request about a2cmd was posted just yesterday, so you can read this thread and all subsequent references

See advice about /q parameter when using command line scanner (CLS)

Always save reports; Be careful with quarantine/delete especially when using CLS.

There is a "Restore" parameter (see a2cmd_readme.txt file)

Read this Sticky that may help in the future

You can search forums for "a2cmd"; "Command Line Scanner"; "CLS" (no quotes) for additional info and suggestions

My regards

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