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CLOSED A2 Not allowed access to Firefox

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Hey there,

I recently had a power cut… and when I restarted my computer, Firefox would not open. This is the error displayed.


After about half an hour... of uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox to no avail I decided to disable my anti virus incase it was blocking it. As I had checked the permisions tab on firefox's properties and they were all fine.

As soon as I closed A2, Firefox opened fine.

So I then started up A2, and went to white list and added firefox to the white list. Now everything is okay. However now for what ever reason, Firefox is slow to open, I presume because the anti virus would block it, however due to the rule I created it does not.

My question is, Have I turned any settings on that could / would block Firefox from opening because ideally I would like to remove it from the whitelist just incase I browse something bad.

Thanks very much.

I'm on Windows 7 Proffesional, all updates installed.

I'm also using the Beta Client, which I recently just reinstalled due to the bug that made it crash all the time.

Thanks again,


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The problem is known and was introduced with the latest update that was published about an hour ago. Until it is fixed the easiest way is to just deactivate the File Guard entirely.

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Check your application settings and check to see if Firefox is completely excluded from monitoring by A2 and check the malware IDS logs to see if there are any entries that may be related to Firefox. Does it happen with other browsers?

You could also try clearing all rules in A2 relating to Firefox, then uninstall/reinstall Firefox and see if the problem persists.

I've only seen the error you describe once and indeed it can be caused by anti-virus, but it can also be caused by a defective OS installation (which would not seem to be the case here).

Make sure you have a backup of all your data - I had to reformat and reinstall a friend's PC when this happened to them.


Fabian posted while I was typing... so ignore this.

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Okay, thanks I will.

Do you have any time scale till this will be fixed? I'm not inpatient, I'm simply wondering as I'm unsure if I will be fully protected etc

Thanks very much for your quick response =)

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Hey HD,

We live in the same place =)

I live in Lincoln city! Small world eh?

My OS is absolutley fine, and although I'm not a tech guru, I'm not stupid either, My OS is installed on a seperate hard drive to all my files anyway.

As for everything else, no everything seems fine and I've had it setup running for a fairly long time with no problems. So I am convinced it is nothing I have done. As the guy above you said, it's most probably the bug so I will just wait till it is fixed.

Thanks again though for your quick replies, it's very nice to see support like this. Very happy that I chose to buy this product, as other Anti Virus companies are awful at support.

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