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a2framework.dll error when using EEK in a PE environment


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Hi All,


I'm trying to use EEK in a Win 8.1 PE but when launched it throws the error:


"Program error: The required file a2framework.dll can not be found. The program can not work correctly without it. Do you want to start the program without it anyway?"


Clicking YES will launch the app but updating fails and scans won't complete.


This is a fresh download of EEK as of today and the a2framework.dll is definitely in the Run folder.


Any thoughts?



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Yes, 32bit version was already in System32 folder. I added the 64bit version to SysWoW folder just in case.


Does it make sense that you were seeing that the dll was missing yet I am seeing it in the System32 folder?


I can make you another log regardless.

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Sorry, was referring to them in reverse but proper files went to proper folders. :)


Ok, so as you suggested in your reply to my log file email, I replaced sfc_os.dll too and EEK started without error! It applied about 35Mb worth of updates and then I chose to do a Custom scan of the C: only and disabled scanning of archive files. Scan completed successfully and found infected items which I was able to remove and exit EEK.


I think it's working properly.


Thanks for all your help!

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