EIS9 beta: slow file copy speed on home LAN

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I use Macrium Reflect to backup my system partition to a shared folder in another computer im my home network (wired gigabit ethernet).
EIS9 beta slows the copy speed considerably (more than 15 times). When I disable the firewall the speed goes up immediately.

For testing, I also copied a DVD iso to the shared folder using Windows Explorer and faced the same speed drop.

During the copy operations, "a2service.exe" CPU usage is around 12%.

Is there any firewall rule that could prevent or at least reduce the slow down?

The answer is important because I have to choose between EIS and EAM + OA.


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Could you please enable debug logging, reproduce the issue and attach an archive with debug logs to your next reply?


Information about debug logging in EAM/EIS:



Thank you in advance,




I will enable debug logging tomorrow if you think it's still needed.


After some search, I found out that the problem is quite common with several firewalls.


I solved it by disabling TCP/IPv6 in my network adapter, but I'm not sure about the consequences of doing it.


My network card is RealTek RTL8168/8111.


CPU usage is insignificant now and the speed is fast as usual.


Is this information useful?

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I've been doing some testing, and will post my results later. But I can confirm the slow down.   Also I tried what you suggested, and noticed in my network adapters, no IPv6 internet connectivity.  I disabled it them, and bingo slowdown gone.


Probably no immediate consequence, but in the future, yes.



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