Future malware threats

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I thinking sometimes where we will see next generation of highly sophisticated threats,like firmware malware or something like that  :lol:


Maybe malware will be even more dangerous and sneaky in future??? :huh:


I still remember Win32.CIH that was monster  :lol:


Or new one Sality is horrible system killer  :lol:



Security is very interesting  :D

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Malware usually is all about (monetary) gain (steal banking info, ransom a computer or files and try to make the owner pay you, make users click on advertisements and so on). It is not necessarily about how sophisticated we can make it, its more about: how to get onto a system and stay there (preferably undetected). It doesn't make much sense to invest a lot of time, energy and money in creating firmware malware when computers use all kind of different hardware pieces from different manufacturers. That doesn't mean its impossible, it just isn't practical.

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