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Issue with TotalCommander 32bit context menu

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Pls see attached screenshots:


If using wide spreaded TotalCommander 64bit, right click context menu shows "Eingeschränkt öffnen" (restricted access), correct way!



If using TotalCommander 32bit, right click context menu shows "Eingeschränkt öffnen" (restricted access) only in X64-sub menu. In usual 32bit context menu this option is missing!



OS: Win7prof 64bit, OA


How to solve this issue?





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Online Armor only installs the 64 bit shell extension on 64bit systems, because in general that is the only shell extension that is needed. There is no way for you to change that behavior.


Thanks, but menu item "Mit Emsisoft Anti-Malware scannen" is featured both in 32bit and 64bit section of right click context menu...


And TotalCommander is usually used as 32bit-application because some of the most needed TC- plugins are only available in 32bit.


So: What is the difference between EAM and OA?

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The difference is that EAM installs both the 32bit and 64bit shell extension, while Online Armor only installs the 64bit extension. We may change the behavior of Online Armor in a future version. However, Run Safer on modern Windows versions is of very limited use if you have UAC enabled, so it is not high on the list.

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