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Can I allow inhouse traffic but deny outside traffic?


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Assume my computer in LAN has the IP


I want to allow for all my local programs an access to computer with an IP




or (in a second scenario) I want to allow all traffic to




How can I achieve this with OA?


If possible I want to avoid having to specify the IPs for each prgm seperately.

Instead I want to have a four options for each prgm:


a.) No outgoing traffic

b.) traffic to local C-class net allowed

b.) traffic to local B-class net allowed

d.) traffic to all IPs allowed.


If this is currently not possible: Can this be added in the next release?





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Dear Peter,


you can do this in Online Armor section Firewall tab Restrictions. To use the Restriction feature you have to change Online Armor to the Advanced Mode (right-click the Online Armor guard icon and select Advanced Mode). The Advanced Mode is only availabe in the Online Armor full version and not in the free version.


Open Online Armor and go to the section Fireawall tab Restrictions. Enable the Denied option under All connections will be. Now please press the Add button. There you can specify the IP range you will allow. You can add different entries for different IP ranges to the list.


If you have any more questions or problems, just let us know.

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