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I have been using eam now for about a month and a half and i'm fairly satisfied with the level of protection but i have noticed something that to me is a bit unusual. I set my updates to every 4 hours upon install and once the first update was complete is said in the bottom right corner above the system tray that the were 12,5 million signature running in real time protection now every time it updates that number has been decreasing by 150k after every update, Right now the signature's running are 9.2 million. Just wondering if i should be concerned by this or is this completely normal. 

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We try to reduce the number of signatures on a constant basis. We do this mostly using two techniques:

  1. Since we do have two engines, the Bitdefender as well as our own engine, we are constantly disabling signatures in our own engine as soon as Bitdefender adds detection for the same sample. There is simply no point in keeping 2 signatures for the same file around.
  2. We regularly make passes on all detections with the goal to combine as many of them as possible. In this process we usually identify commonalities between many malware samples of the same malware family and target those commonalities specifically. This often allows us to replace hundreds and thousands of signatures that each detect a single sample each with one signature that covers all those samples that were previously covered as well as future versions belonging to the same malware family.

The reason we try to keep the number of signatures as low as possible is to reduce memory usage and overall system impact on our users' systems. So what you are seeing is completely normal and just reflects our daily commitment to offering the best protection for your system while keeping resource usage to a minimum.

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