Remarkable virus

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Here's my set-up:


Windows 7 (64bit).
Windows firewall.
AVG free antivirus.
SUPERAntiSpyware 5.6.1040


Hi, I previously had a2 free but have uninstalled it - I had lavasoft adaware, spybot S+D, too but was recommended that I didn't need all this software.  Keeping the firewall and AVG I opted for SuperAntispyware which seems to do the job.


Last night I inadvertently installed the Remarkable malware on my computer.


I think I've managed to remove the offending software from the add/remove program list and there doesn't appear to be any malware running now. 


From what I can glean it doesn't appear to be a particularly malignant bit of malware but I'm a little nervous as I noticed that when the malware installed it was installing to MS-DOS and so I'm concerned - it could be anything, right?


Thx in advance.

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