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When I open  Protection-Application Rules it shows nothing, the box is empty, I have the small box unchecked for " Hide Fully Trusted Applications". I seem to remember when using EIS that there were numerous applications showing. After using EAM for over a week now shouldn't there be some applications listed here?  Thanks.

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Sorry, but that advice can be interpreted as if a user would have to take action themselves to make EAM work as intended.

That is not right.

The Application Rules tab in EAM9 works the same way it did in earlier versions of EAM.

It is empty because the Behavior Blocker in EAM does an outstanding job of handling 99,99% of all decisions without user interaction.

That is why Application Rules tab in EAM are usually empty - because EAM will only list the few executables that it can't make a decision on by itself.

So if you have never been prompted by the Behavior Blocker about a file, then Application Rules tab will be empty.

This is the way EAM is designed to work - fully automatic.

So no, you should not make your own rules in order to have it working and yes, it is normal to have an empty list.


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Martin already explained it perfectly. Essentially we only create rules if we actually need them. EIS will have a lot more rules than EAM simply because every application accessing the internet will need a rule. Without the firewall though the only component requiring rules is the behavior blocker, which is pretty good at not needing rules. So while you have dozens upon dozens of rules when using EIS, you will rarely see any rules when using EAM.

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