How to let Wake-On-LAN Packets (from remote site) pass OA?

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I am planning to login from a remote site to my home router and to issue a Wake-On-LAN Magic-Packet to wake up my home computer behind the router.


On the computer behind the router OA is running.


Does OA filter out these "MagicPackets" or are these packets on a very low hardware level which are not filtered by OA.

From my point of view OA is not running (same a full Win7) when the Magic WOL-Packet arrives since the computer is sleeping

So it cannot filter out these packets.


Am I right? Need just a confirmation.




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If the computer is in sleep mode, then it shouldn't be possible for OA to filter any packets. Also, the Wake On LAN packets should be recognized by the motherboard, and not the OS, so OA wouldn't be able to filter them in such a way as to make them ineffective.

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