Proble with Extend my Emsisoft license for free by Referral Rewards

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Hi ,



As we know there is  Extend your Emsisoft license for free!


one of those way to extend  license :



Earn credits
  • 30 FREE DAYS!

    For each successfully installed TRIAL version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security that you referred.

​now i have been installed my  EMSISOFT INTERNET SECURITY SETUP  

to my friends and family by setup  my program personal  id  referral one of  that pcs  

for more than 7 pcs ,

but the problem is my license extended  60 days only !!!! , instead of  7 months for 7 pc = each setup will give me 30 day  extra for my license > = 210 day extende


so whats the problem ????!!!!!!

Best regards,



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I think there is problem with server of company.




yesterday i have been install my setup id referral to many pc , after i came to my pc :


i received 30 days only  !!!  :blink:


today  same problem happend >


many pc  =  30 day  !!! :o


im sure  its first time to install   this program on that pcs >



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Keep in mind that this is not only limited to PCs but IPs as well. Meaning: If you install the EAM trial in a network of PCs that all share the same internet connection, it will only count as one referral. Not sure whether this applies to you or not, but it may explain why referrals are only counted once.

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