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Task bar shows alert but cannot bring to front

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I play Everquest II in full-screen mode.  Occasionally I will exit the game and the task bar shows an alert (screen capture with aero preview attached).  However, all the usual tricks to activate the window fail.  I have tried:


  • Left clicking the highlighted icon
  • Mousing over the icon and right clicking the aero preview title bar (no context menu appeared)
  • the dual monitor recover off screen window (I do not run dual monitors but what the heck it could have, but did not, work)
  • minimising all other windows one at a time

Even right-click the icon then click Close Window fails.


Any more tricks I can try?  What is this ghost alert and how can I exorcise it?


This occured with the current EAM version and the new EIS version.


Edit: Operating system is Windows 7 64 bit fully patched


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