Default setting firewall allows GR Leaktest to penetrate.

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I tested the firewall with Gibson Research leak test.  



The leaktest program penetrated the firewall when I used the default settings.  It also automatically created a rule allowing future execution.


After deleting the rule, when I changed the setting to "Ask" about "Outgoing Connections for unsigned or unknown programs, a pop-up appeared when I tried to run leaktest asking if I wanted to block it.


After creating a blocking rule, the firewall nicely blocked execution even if I renamed leaktest.exe to firefox.exe.


I know that asking about outgoing connections adds some pop-ups, but how else can I trap programs like leaktest?





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If you want to get a warning for every unknown application trying to access the internet, you can change the default settings under Protection/Firewall/Automatic rule settings. Keep in mind though that these additional confirmations don't necessarily translate into better protection. The reason for that is that the behavior blocker already intercepts suspicious connection attempts to the internet. The reason it doesn't interact with leak tests is because leak tests are neither suspicious nor dangerous. For the behavior blocker to trigger an alert in that case would just be a false positive.

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