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"High" Memory Usage

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Hi All


A number of months ago, and I can't recall which forum exactly, Fabian shared thoughts on how other anti-malware vendors "hide" the actual memory usage.


If memory serves, Fabian - you indicated that EAM/EIS (during the Beta phase questioning) memory usage is as expected. However you also mentioned that comparing memory usage - such as attached.


...a futile (and misguided) endeavour since other vendors can easily hide their memory usage. Also, you did mention in another post (on these forums) why should one worry about 160mb when it's running on a 8gb ram system too  ;)


So what this is about a) confirmation that my memory is sound, but more importantly b) this can become a hit on Google search when someone Google "Emsisoft High Memory" and get a better answer than what's lying on other similar forums.




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Your memory usage looks about right. There is no point in trying to change people's mind when it comes to memory usage though. If people want to keep 95% of their 8 GB RAM free "just in case" instead of asking the programs they use to use as much of it as they want to deliver a great user experience, that is up to them.

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