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[BUG REPORT] Firewall not enabled on Windows start up

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do you use any other security software on your computer?


Can you please send me a sysinfo file for your computer? If yes please press the Windows key + R and type in msinfo32 and press OK. Now go to File/Save and save the file on your computer. Please send me this file with a hint to this forum topic here to [email protected]

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After the restart as reported from my last post, EIS updated again, to 4498. I restarted again but the problem remains: EIS will not have its firewall enabled until I manually start it. I restarted once more just in case there are still any changes pending, but the problem remains.


One thing I noticed is that the Windows Action Center flag on the task bar tray area will NOT be loaded until after I have enabled the firewall. That is, EIS will load showing the yellow icon (Firewall disabled) and Action Center is not loaded. I waited for a few minutes, just in case the system is still booting up, and Action Center still does not load. After a good while, after every other apps have started and I am sure that booting has finished for a few minutes then, I enabled EIS firewall and within seconds Action Center will load. I am suspecting conflicts with Windows Security Center.


And to clarify, I am able to simply check the Activate Firewall checkbox to enable the firewall. I do not experience the not being able to activate the firewall bug as others reported from the other thread.

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ok and thank you for the information. Then we need debug logs to solve this bug.


Please download the file debug_output.zip from http://download1.emsisoft.com/debug_output.zip and unpack the ZIP on your computer.


Now please run the script enable_debug_output.bat as Administrator and reboot your computer.


Then enable manually the EIS firewall. Is this done please run the script disable_debug_output.bat to disable the logging. Restart your computer again.


Now please add the folder C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft\Logs to a ZIP file and send me this file to [email protected]

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