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Lots of Emsisoft pop-ups when surfing the net.


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I am getting lots of popups when I surf the net going to legitimate sites, e.g. americanexpress.com, yahoo.com, etc.  The message is always about a potentially dangerous file.


When I run the file url in Virustotal.com, it invariably comes back benign, including their claim of the result from Emsisoft.


I wouldn't mind the popups if Emsisoft would differentiate between, for example,  trackers and trojans, Many of these popups just seem to be trackers and some degrade the website if I block them.  Often, there does not seem to be rhyme or reason - statcounter.com causes a popup but google tracking does not.


How can I tell what is really dangerous?  Here are some of the links that cause popups.




I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.

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most domains are blocked cause of data privacy risks


if you do not want to block domains with data privacy risks you can turn it off -> settings -> surf protection .> data privacy risks -> do not block


edit : i cannot identify any "real" dangerous site there ..^^


(Ghosterys will block those sites also : https://www.ghostery.com/de/ )

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As ¥akuza112 already mentioned: You enabled the Privacy Risk category inside the surf protection which usually defaults to "Don't block". I strongly suggest to set it to Block Silently if you want to use it. That category includes mostly tracking and advertising services that almost every major website uses nowadays, so keeping the notification on will literally bombard you with messages otherwise.

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