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Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9, as free version


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It seems, without notice & informations, that Emsisoft Anti-Malware  :wub:  as free version (without protection & auto-update) is not offered anymore in version 9 .4453. :(

And there is a lack of information with the staff about this new politic and the changes in the interface.  :excl:

I'm right?  :ph34r:

(so what? everybody to Malwarebytes? Mr. Marcin will be   :thumbs: )

My father used to say; There is only the crazy peoples who do not change mind !

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jpvaliquette EAM switches to the free mode when the 30 day trial is over.


As regards the change in interface it has been widely discussed and known about for months now since the betas (around May actually)




Hope that helps :)

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OK.  I'm a couple of days into my trial of EAM.  I think it's really superior and I will be purchasing it -- but when should I pull the trigger.


I'm being prompted to purchase EAM now.  IF I purchase it now, will the remaining trial period be added to the 1-year period?  If so, I'll purchase it tonight.


If not, I'll wait until I'm closer to the expiration period. 



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Dear Louisaz,


Thank you for your request.


If you purchase a license for one of our programs over our website, you'll receive a license key per email. Please simply wait until the trial expired and then use your license key to activate Emsisoft Anti-Malware with it. This way you won't loose a day of your current trial license time.


Please note that its better to create a new topic in our forum instead of resurrecting an older thread again. It could be nobody recognizes your post and it remains unanswered.


Should you have any further questions, please just let us know.

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