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is there any software that will close the backdoors microsoft gave the NSA?


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this is assumming, that they've been discovered.


I noticed this story ( http://www.wnd.com/2014/09/u-s-navy-caught-spying-on-whole-state/ ) about a US Navy NCIS private contractor, that using gov't computers, was trolling thru private individual computers, apparently over the internet, looking for evidence of child pornography (I have no interest in defending child pornography, for the record) - i am interested in privacy.


I am not that literate in computer software, but have to assume that in the population at large, maybe .01% are paedephiles, and wonder how many civillian computers he searched, illegally, to find the 9 or 10 cases he referred to the police? He apparently had been doing this for a few years.


again, my interest lies in privacy concerns, the US gov't obtained the backdoors from microsoft thru, in all likelihood, illegal arm twisting when the Dept of Justice was trying to breakup microsoft into smaller companies. And for the record, there is no law against a citizen blocking those backdoors if he/she can identify them.


Thanks in advance

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Here is some info originally leaked by WikiLeaks:


Kaspersky expert explains that the government can now have childporn placed on the computer of anyone they want locked up in jail and who's reputation they want to ruin. They use code to put the childporn on that pc, then that code self-removes so that no trace is left, then the local police is told so and so has childporn on his pc, and the person who is completely innocent goes to jail and his reputation is ruined:


"Hacking Team and Gamma International in 'business-to-government malware'"

(At 6:35 about placing childporn on someone's pc)


Promo for one of the mentioned programs:


"Hacking Team E X P O S E D Gov’t Spyware Company Leaked"




A promo for another similar program:


"WikiLeaks Spy Files: GAMMA"

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It looks like first some spyware has to be installed on one's pc before those programs can work. And I'm confident that Emsisoft's vigilance will catch that.


But just in case, I'm using Sandboxie and HitmanPro Alert 3 as well next to EIS. They seem to work well without compatibility issues so far on my notebook.


Although the NSA taps directly from the cables and now also wants to do it from the ISPs. But at least HitmamPro Alert 3 encrypts what one types while online. Like this text is appearing here after it was send encrypted. I can see that in a small popup in the right bottom corner of my screen right now. 


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Even though I'm not doing anything illegal, and in that sense don't care if someone I don't know in the US might be looking into my private life, just out of principle I rebel against the "elite" who want to have total control over everyone else's life, even threatening to put you in jail and ruin your reputation if you don't toe their "party line."

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