EIS & Slow internet (time-outs)

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A few days ago I decided to install the final version of EIS 9 and since then I experience internet slow down and time outs all the time. After a reboot of both pc and router (usually) everything works fine a some time. After a few minutes or hours I have to refresh repeatidly every webpage in order to load and displayed properly. The problem some times goes away without me doing something, other times I have to reboot my pc and router. Another thing I notice is that download speeds are really low. For example instead of the usual 1-2mb/s I get 100-200kb/s at best even from multiple files. Do you have any suggestions?


I remember now that this was the reason I stop using the previous version (Online Armour). It's really annoying having to reboot every few hours just to surf properly.

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please take a look on http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-tcp-ip-settings#1TC=windows-7 in the Microsoft knowlegde database.


Go to your LAN/Wifi adapter settings like in the Microsoft knowlegde article and disable the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) entry in the list.


Then please reboot your computer. The download speed slow downs occurs again?

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Nothing changed! My PC that currently has EIS installed has the problem above coming and going using ethernet connection. Both my laptop and 2nd pc are ok as they don't have EIS installed. The problem has to do with DNS as every now and then my PC loses them for some time and then they came back. At the same time other PC without EIS works perfectly.

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