EIS requiring KB979278 on Windows Vista SP2

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Fresh installation of Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-Bit: (All current windows updates)


Downloaded latest version of Emsisoft Internet Security.

  • First window is checking for pre-requisites.
  • Second windows prompts to install Hotfix KB979278


I click on OK to download, it does not open up the web browser like explained in the window. I did find the hotfix manually but it says the computer does not need it. I am able to put regular Emsisoft Anti-Malware on the computer. I googled the problem and it seems like it existed in EIS beta but was supposedly patched.


Please Advise

Dustin R

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This just happened to me last night as I have Windows Vista also with all Windows updates installed.  I tried to switch from Emsisoft internet security pack to Emsisoft internet security suite and same thing, unable to install, Windows Hotfix required.  I wasn't sure I wanted to switch but am having the permissions issue with Emsisoft anti-malware, and figured I would take a chance and change to EIS.  Glad to hear a fix is in the works.  Thanks for all the hard work and a great program. :)  

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Keep in mind that EAM and EIS use the same code base. If a problem exist in EAM, chances are EIS will have the same issue.

     Hello, thank you, yes I kind of had the feeling that the switch to EIS if successful may have resulted in issues with that as well, as I had actually saw and read in the EIS forums someone stating they had greyed out areas in EIS as well.  At the time I wasn't sure if it was just a few isolated problems that maybe could be eradicated with a switch to EIS or if it was a common well known issue which would take time to sort out.  Anyway I am kind of glad I kept the internet security pack, as I am still learning and have learned more about Online Armor and all it's abilities as a quality firewall.  Also now that the Emsisoft internet security pack is no longer available, and having paid ahead, I think the cost to have EAM+Online Armor together will actually go up as each will now have to be bought seperately, so I actually saved money by paying ahead for them while it was still a bundled offering :)

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