Using the Console as a proxy for client updates

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We recently bought a 60 user license of EAM. I downloaded and installed the Console on a PC.  I would like to use the Console as a proxy for for getting updates for our clients.  This would save our bandwidth and Emsisoft's bandwidth,


I notice that the EAM client has the ability to accept an IP or DNS name and a port number for updates.  I have opened port 8080 on the Console PC.  If I point the clients at the Console PC, will I have a local repository of updates for our clients?


I believe their is an ini file on the Console that might need to be configured.


Lastly, apologies if this is documented somewhere.  If it is, I haven't found the documentation.





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Hi jbarntt


When you deploy EAM from the console, the UpdateProxy settings will be set automatically in EAM.

When you have installed EAM manually on the clients, you then have to manually  set the computername of the Enterprise Console and port number or perform a redeploy.

A redeploy will push some settings towards the clients (licence, updateproxy settings, etc)



I have attached a screenshot of both Enterprise console and EAM to give you an overview what to set where.


I hope this helps



Download Image

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