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Online armor not unblocking network traffic

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I had this problem a long time ago, but it was fixed.  However, it has been happening for some weeks now.  I thought that updates might fix it, but they haven't so far.


When I'm not using the PC, I keep the "block all network traffic" on.  However, when I return and take off the setting it does not unblock.  The network traffic remains blocked.  Sometimes I can close and shutdown OA, which fixes the problem, and restart OA again.  Other times I have to reboot the PC.


For the past two days, the problem has grown worse.  The above is still happening, but additionally, when I have been browsing for a little while, OA blocks network traffic by itself.


Grateful for your help.


Thanks and best regards.

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Can you please provide a full set of Online Armor debug logs?

To enable the log please read the description on http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3819-how-to-configure-online-armor-debug-logs/ .


Now please reproduce the issue.

Then please attach the Logs sub-directory of the Online Armor directory to the ticket. You can zip the folder Logs and attach the zip file to the topic or send me the zip file to [email protected]

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