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Flashing Emsisoft Button on Task Bar

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I posted this once, but it is not  showing.


I  was doing a full scan with EEK. It had  found some threats, but the EEK button on the Task Bar started flashing orange. It lasted a while, then stopped. The scan finished as normal with the threats listed.


Not had this before, why the flashing ?

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can you reproduce this flashing button issue?


What Windows version and Service Pack do you use? Do you use any other security software on your computer?

Windows XP Home, SP3 - had this for years -  no changes.


Sandboxie, AVG 2014, PrivateFireWall, WinPatrol, SpywareBlaster, EEK, SuprAntiSpyware, Eset online scanner, TDSSKiller. AVG 2014 is my online main AV, the others are manual except for SWB and Sandboxie which I use all the time to open my browsers.


No, I have not had the flashing since and no I cannot reproduce it, just happened during a full scan. Never seen it before.

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thank you for the feedback. We will try if we can reproduce this issue.



At the time I was in trouble with lots of infections. Emsisoft EK grabbed about 40 of them, SuperAntiSpyware about 30, AVG 2014 about 8 and Eset another 30 or so.


It was some kind of browser hijack. My Chrome browser went haywire and froze a couple of times, plus i was getting unwanted strange pop-ups. It really went all over the place. I was so panic stricken, I never took much notice of the  file names etc. But one pop-up listed it as t** which I looked up on the web and it was described as a new hijack virus and very hard to get rid of. another was Bubbles ??, i think Smartbar and one more.


I uninstalled 3 programs that were malware with RevoUninstaller, which picked up about 50 or more left-overs.


After all that, which took me all day, my computer seems clean now. It all happened around the 2-3 Oct. and since then I have had no trouble. Everything is working perfectly, looks to be all gone.


No wonder EEK flashed. I am all clear now hopefully. I placed the EEK threats in quarantine, they are still there.


Never had anything like it in over 12 years. As I always use Sandboxie to browse, I have`nt a clue where it all came from. But hopefully it is all gone now.


Everything I have told you about is in various quarantines except that mass of Revo deletions..

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