How do you uninstall Emsisoft?

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Is there an Emsisoft uninstall program that thoroughly cleans Emsisoft Anti-malware from a computer?



If not, will the regular uninstall leave parts of Emsisoft that might interfere with other antivirus programs? 

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You uninstall EAM the same way as other programs: Control Panel → Programs and Features, rightclick on EAM, select uninstall.

As far as I know there should not be any "leftovers" causing problems.

However there is a cleaning tool you can use, Emsiclean:

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Updated link for Emsiclean. There are now two versions (32-bit and 64-bit) bundled in a ZIP archive. Run EmsiClean64, and if you see an error message then run EmsiClean32.

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Keep in mind that it is strongly discouraged to use the Emsisoft Clean utility to uninstall any of our products. It is intended to be used only if the normal uninstaller doesn't work for some reason or another.

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