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Hello guys,


I've been using OA for the past few months and can say it's the best FW I've ever used.

I have one questions fo you.
After reinstalling windows on my PC I don't get any messages like "this file is rated as a virus or a dangerous program" when I run some file (which is clearly a virus). There's only alert saying that file can affect "xy" file.

This is important to me since some less experienced users are using the same machine.

Do I need to have EAM installed or there's something I need to configure in options?


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did you enable the option Contact Anti-Malware Network in realtime in Online Armor section Programs tab Options?


If yes would it be possible to send me such sample file on email to [email protected]? If yes add this sample to a ZIP file and protect the ZIP file with the password infected.

Hi again,

yes, I have that option enabled.

Sending a sample right now.

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