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Incoming TCP-connection allowed!


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Somewhat embarrassed by the behavior of the new version of Ad muncher!

When working on the Internet - OA allows outgoing, and then the number of inbound TCP connections from Ad Muncher.

Is this okay? :huh:

Of course, to provide content filtering, Ad Muncher must have access to the network.

But in the previous version of such a large number of compounds was!

Of course, you will say-ask the developers of the program :blush:

But from the point of view of specialists Emsisoft is not suspicious this behavior Ad Muncher?


Or that all these connections on localhost is valid?



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p.s. Online Armor is automatically created rules for Ad Muncher as a trusted program!


Of course, my question is not related with the problem with Online Armor. This is more a General question for security! I do not clear properly is an active Internet connection Ad Muncher! My knowledge is not enough...


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Thank You, Fabian! :)

You speak as proxy in my system. But is it not dangerous from a security standpoint to keep such a proxy?

It is known that the risk of privacy! :ph34r:

My data may be read by this program. And most importantly passwords can also be read! Right?

Of course, Ad Muncher known and has been working for 15 years and is a trusted application..



Actually, I have 2 questions:

1) Can Ad muncher (as proxy) to read and send my data (e.g. visited sites and passwords)?

2) Do you need a blocker advertising?

I understand that you are not discussing on the forum, third-party products :blush: , but I am interested in your opinion about this situation from the point of view of the General security..


I'm curious-what I think and others!

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1) Can Ad muncher (as proxy) to read and send my data (e.g. visited sites and passwords)?

In theory it can. But it doesn't.

2) Do you need a blocker advertising?

I would recommend to use one. Advertising networks are often used to spread malware. Blocking adverts will therefore improve your security. Personally I would choose an ad-blocking browser extension over AdMuncher though. Mostly because a browser extensions is a lot less invasive than what AdMuncher does.
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Thank You Fabian.

Your answer is perfectly clear! :)
I was just more than two years working with Ad Muncher and convinced of the effectiveness of the program (even more than AdBlock).
However, before it was a commercial program and its behavior was different! ;)
For example, the EAM did not find any suspicious activity, but now in the Free version EAM already when you first run Ad Muncher found three potentially unwanted action:
code injector;
the probability of a possible spy equipment ;
and the probability of possible Trojan to download files from the Internet.
That is, the actions of Ad Muncher Free are similar to the steps of the browser (e.g., Fx) ;)
Of course, I am all of these actions were allowed. But exactly that was the reason to ask on the forum!
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Just a piece of personal opinion re. browser ad-blockers: if you are using Firefox, the combination of Ad-Block Plus and RequestPolicy extensions is pretty good. I don't like the distracting intrusive advertising/social-buttons most major websites use now (quite apart from their tracking behaviour), and Ad-Block Plus removes most of them (and the custom blocker dialog called by Ctrl-Shift-F3 can get rid of the rest). The down-side of Ad-Block Plus is that there are literally hundreds of ad-blocking rules, and determining which ones are "breaking" the current page (to create an exception in the rules) can be a bit of a mystery!


The RequestPolicy extension gives you an easy oversight of exactly which 3rd party websites the current website is requesting content from, and you can then choose which of them to allow/deny on the current website. It has a default deny list of advertising/social 3rd party websites that you can customize, so there's very little tweaking you need to do when you begin using it. It partly overlaps the effect of Ad-Block but is still a useful complement.

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