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OA free and the 30 day trial

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I deciced that I would not renew my previous OAP licence having not remembered to check when it expired, also not getting a reminder to renew, to so reverted to the free version.


I took the 30 day free trial of OAP, which incidentally did not have a functioning Banking Mode but what the hell because it's not what it used to be..

At the end of the 30 days, I was inveted to try the30 day free trial again. I closed down the window and carried on my merry way round the internet.

It wasn't until next day that I noticed that OA free hadn't loaded on boot up. So launched it manually.


Since then, I keep getting an invitation to try the 30 free trial of OAP. No matter whether I close the window, or ckick on "Next" to be told the trial has expired, the OA free closes down on its own. I then have to launch it manually.


What the hell is going on???????

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Please open Online Armor and go to the section Options tab License. Press the link here to use a new license key and select Limited freeware version in the license wizard. Now please go to the section Options tab General. Be sure the option Launch Online Armor at next startup is enabled. Is this done Online Armor should use the freeware mode and should also start automatically on each Windows start.

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