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I have a sign program called Vinylmaster and a-squared always picks up a trojan (Backdoor.Win32.Optix!IK) in a sub-program called 'font manager'(fontmn32.exe)I think this must be a false alarm as I've been running Vinylmaster for at least 6 yrs. now.

I have the most recent update of a-squared downloaded today.

It's also picked up a Trojan-Downloader.win32.Swizzor!IK in a Firefox add-on called Skipscreen.

Is this the case? I realize Mozilla don't guarantee that all add-ons are safe but I'm sure it would be deleted if other people have a trojan from the download.

Any clarification of both problems would be appreciated.


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Hi BigJulesOz, welcome to the forum

Nothing can be said & advised sice no information was provided

Posting just the file name or the alleged infection name does not provide any information

The location of the files / precise names of files and/or Registry Entries ; processes, etc. are required. The same applies to the detections names.

Please read Stickies at the beginning of every Forum section

Always save the report that you can attach

Submit the flagged items from the detection list to EMSI developers for analysis in the 1st place if you are not sure

Please ask if you have questions regarding the submission procedure

My regards

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