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OpenH264 Video Codec - PUP?

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In recent versions of Fx appeared this plug-in from Cisco Inc. <_<

On the Internet I see the message that this is a potential security risk!

Is it really safe to play content via OpenH264?


But, at the same time the plugin is consistent with the Fx browser.. <_<

The plugin I disabled (including through about:config)


Interestingly, say experts Emsisoft?


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No clear instructions I can't see!
However, found the article, where there's a need to delete. But remove OpenH264 Video Codec Ads.
It Ads!
Perhaps the problem is not in the very H264, but in advertising?
Of course, there offer to download Spy Hunter... ^_^  I never will.
I thought that there are no hazards in the work of the plugin itself? Whether it is because there is a Flash Player from Adobe. Perhaps my suspicions are unfounded and baseless!
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