Emsisoft IS 9 preventing shutdown / restart / logoff

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Emsisoft IS 9 version


Windows 8.1 Pro


Everything was working fine until I installed VMware Player to run Windows 10 Tech Preview as a VM. At this point my laptop start to randomly refuse to shutdown / logoff / restart and I eventually fully uninstalled VMware.


After removing VMware the laptop continued with the shutdown / logoff / restart problems and through trial and error (removing / reinstalling everything one at a time) I discovered that it is IS 9 that is preventing the shutdowns etc.


Remove IS 9 and the laptop behaves perfectly. Reinstall IS 9 and I cant shutdown etc.


There is nothing in the Windows Event logs (attached) or in the IS 9 logs to indicate a problem.


Any suggestions?


Windows system and application logs attached.

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Added: I have also on occasion seen the Eureka crash log but it doesn't appear all the time.

Enable beta updates and update your .4570 to .4605.

Let us know if you still experience this bug after that.

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Pretty much all our developers use both EAM or EIS and VMware. None of them have the problem you describe. So it most likely has nothing to do with VMware. Siketa already mentioned that the problem you experience has been fixed in the latest beta. There is no ETA for a stable release yet. So it may take a few more weeks until it hits the stable update tree.

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